What I'm Wearing
Suit: Tailored Club Monaco, Socks: Happy Socks, Bowtie: Club Monaco, Pocket Square: Club Monaco, Shoes: Kenneth Cole New York, Bag: Gucci, Deerskin Gloves: Online, Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Another outfit post of self-absorbed/vapid ME. Malibu Ken has never looked so good. And just for the record, I was doing the polka-dot outfits long before Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2010 came along. 

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Q&A with The Haute Bitch

How would you describe your style?
Constantly ever changing and growing with my personality and current fashion.

Top 5 designers?
In no particular order. Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Rad Hourani, Alexander McQueen, and Gucci.

Least favourite designer?
Christian Audigier. Then again, I wouldn't even consider him a designer.

What would your stripper name be?
Miss Annie Rexic.

What 3 things would you take if you were stranded on a deserted island?
An army of extremely attractive men to cater to every beck & call, peroxide and toner for my white locks, and my very own personal hair stylist and boyfriend Calvyn.

What trend for men are you SO over?
Guys who still insist on popping the collar on their polos. I think I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it. Please stop, bro.

Splurge on:
Classic designer pieces - including shoes, bags, and accessories.

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You likies?


Mila said...

I am speechless,really,you look so amazing!!
The suit looks so good on you!
Oh and I want that little bow <3

Rianna Bethany said...

This pic looks like something out of a high end glossy fashion magazine! you look incred!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxx

Marcos Batuecas said...

I just have a word... AMAZING!
love everything in your outfit

kiss bitch!

Anonymous said...

he got alot of taste, espacialy that one his favorite 5 designers is Rad Hourani!

Renee said...

Miss Annie Rexic...LOL

Fabulous look! Love the Gucci bag.

Anonymous said...

btw, michael forgot to put this is up, but his very talented bf took this wonderful photos... just a side note :)

sharonlei said...

Holy Moly, you are a Haute Bitch.. seriously, the outfit aside (I Love all the dots!!!), you're gorgeous. I really love your hair this way! Magnific!!

Love & Aloha,


Christine said...

I must be retarded 'cause I didn't recognize you because of the new 'do.
& yes the whole Christian Audiger/Ed hardy thing is played out. I know others think differently, but I always thought butt chins were sexy! lol

kim said...

wow, you look amazing. love this look.

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

meghan said...

These photos are SUBLIME! Love the attention to detail, perfection from head to toe.

Teresa said...

Wow, is that you?? You really ARE a haute bitch! You look fabulous from head-to-toe!


Anonymous said...

L-O-V-E. the suit, the hair, the gloves, the tie, the polka dots...love it.

Aleisha-Rose said...

Oh I'm sorry... May I have your bow tie.... pretty pretty please!!! You look glorious! xoxo


WM said...

it's just perfect! how much do you control every detail of your outfit! gorgeous! really sophisticated style!
stunning look! congratulations.


Marcos Batuecas said...

I´m so jealous about your glasses haha
they´re fabulous!


iam.mai said...

i likies this very very much <3 come to nyc! you would fit in perfectly.

hey, so i made a new post:



Anonymous said...

you have the most GORGEOUS white locks i've seen! and you pull this look off SO well. i love your blog.


Jenny said...

You are indeed one very sexy haute bitch. Loving this outfit post. More, please! xx

Daniel John Hardy said...

You are looking so beautiful my friend! I am in love with that bag (Is that the Gucci we were obsessing about in the summer?) Anyways, miss you, and when I move back to Vancouver in the fall, we a can be Huate Bitches together. love it.


-Gossip Boy


tobie said...

thank you!

looovve this blog and everything about it! haha :D

Taryn Andre said...

miss annnie rexic? ha ha ha!!! priceless

Taryn Andre said...

and i forgot to add how lovely and polished you look

Anonymous said...

Your eye for style is stellar!

fadetoblack said...

dude the glasses are sick!!

Anonymous said...

your outfit is perfection!!
love everything abt it

Karla Kuzmych said...

lovely blog(L)

0504__ said...

thank u!


xoxo http://k0504.blogspot.com

toxic disco boy said...

WOW! you look amazing. i have no words. love the polka dot details...

LOL at Ms Annie Rexic. hahaha

love, kisses and such!

maximilian said...

so stunning and inspiring!! just can't get enough!!

CLM said...

wow, love everythig about this ! the smallest details go so well together !
thanks for the comment.

Lea's Suitcase said...

I think you should hange your blog to "TheFunnyHauteBitch" love reading your posts...stay flawless!

blackecstasy said...

love u from the head to toe! all completely perfect! love ur hair!! and ur bow tiee :))
this is my first time read ur blog~ and wow! love at the for sight ! lols
i've linked ur blog and followed :)
have a nice day :)


yudia aiiu


snoblak said...

Can I just put you in bubble wrap and FEDEX you over here for London Fashion week?!! ;-) Love your style. And your hair ;-)

LF said...

Oh my god you look amazing, I didn't even recognize you with the new do, which I LOVE. It looks great with the clear glasses. God,I can't get over this outfit, I love it,
esp. because you didn't just wear a polkadotted bow but had polkadots return throughout the outfit, it really takes it to a higher level.


idarenotdare said...

This entire blog is an haute bitch.
Such a great find (:

Graham I. Haynes said...

Could this look be any more meticulous and perfect? You make me feel like an amateur. Excellent detailing and fitting.

Also enjoyed the Q&A. "Annie Rexic" haha

anonymous girl said...

Well dressed. 10 out of 10 !

N said...

Amazing. Chuck Bass, move over!!


Diya said...


anyway, I've recently started a blog (it's 3 weeks old) and would love it if you dropped by and checked it out. <3


Lily said...

You look good, but that's a given. :) Great use of polka dots!



Niki B. said...

you've so quickly become my favourite new blog. have u decided between cabo and cuba yet? cabo is trouble. in the best way ever.

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

now gimme those GLASSES!

Chaos said...

I'm such a fan of your subtle use of polkadots.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Your hair style threw me off...I thought this was a pic of someone else. You are the cutest thing ever! That dimpled chin is so sexy! I would totally hang out with you but only if you promised to wear this whole outfit...and you gave me the damn bag!

Kristy said...

wow, effortless! such a sharp and clean silhouette!i love your attention to details (ahem..POLKADOTS!) and your glasses are amazing :)


Miss_Fierce_ said...

this look is effortless on you, i must say that i wish you never ever dye or cut your beautiful hair!!!! loves the blog!!



omg you looking amazing with curl hair and im looking the outfit!! im gonna try the curly dooooo :0


jin @ the fab wife said...

...uuummm...you're the sh*t! That outfit is amazing!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

You talk a lot of smack but you have beautiful kind eyes. Kind of makes it hard to take your bitching with any authority.

JBriggs said...

ha i think i bought the same blazer it went on sale $70


retirement costa rica said...

i love go to shopping, my favorite brand is keneth Cole, is the maximun.