What she's wearing
Leggings: Jeggings, Shoes: Browns, Tank: Alexander Wang, Vest: DIY Levi's, Scarf: Alexander McQueen, Fur: The Haute Bitches, Sunglasses: The Haute Bitches, Armour Ring: Vivienne Westwood, Panther Ring: Club Monaco, Bracelets: Club Monaco, Ebay, Aldo.

Photography: The Haute Bitch
Styling: Samantha and The Haute Bitch
Make-up: Samantha
Hair: Calvyn Cass

Meet Samantha, an Alexander Wang loving personal shopper co-ordinator at Holt Renfrew. Aside from being a pretty face, Samantha is a very talented stylist, model, and synchronized swimmer who competed for Team Canada! Chances are you've probably seen her stomping around in 6" pumps throughout the streets of downtown Vancouver. I don't think you could forget a face and style as gorgeous as hers. Which is why she is my Hautest Bitch. Being the Haute Bitches we are, 2 people came up to us during the photo shoot to ask if they could have their picture taken with us. Weird, right? I guess I don't blame them, I mean I'm kind of a big deal... Like Snookie.

The jean vest used in the photo shoot was actually a mistake DIY that actually turned out for the better. It was a levi's blue jean jacket purchased at Value Village for 9.99 that magically turned into a bleach blotched vest after my boyfriend accidently spilt bleach all over it and I chopped off the arms. If you're wanting to DIY, here's the proper way. You'll need an article of denim clothing and bleach. Bunch the denim up into a ball, wrap elastic bands around the entire thing and let sit in bleach mixed with water until you get the lightness you wish to achieve. Wash off the excess bleach and let sit overnight. Done. Easy.

PS. If you didn't already notice, those are the Alexander Hi-tek sunglasses I posted about 3 weeks ago! They finally came. So haute.

Q&A with Samantha

Describe your style.
I love wearing lots of black and white, classic pieces mixed with trendy.

What item of clothing are you wearing the most right now?
Joe's Leggings(Jeggings) in black denim. They're so functional. You can dress them up or down, with a t-shirt, blazer, or a dress. Amazing!

Next Purchase?
Elizabeth and James coloured pumps.

If you could inherit a celebrities wardrobe, who's would it be?
Leighton Meester. Hands down. She's the "it" girl in my eyes and people often underestimate her.

Latest splurge?
Black Alexander Wang men inspired oxford shoes with a wooden heel.

Favourite designers?
Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim, Helmut Lang, and Balenciaga.

What would you never wear?
A pair of leggings without a long enough top to cover at least half of your bum!

3 essential wardrobe pieces?
White t-shirt, black skinnies, and the highest heels you can find to stomp around town in.


Lily said...

Aww, great Q&A. Sam looks gorgeous as always! Love, love, love the rings and bracelets especially!



sharonlei said...

Samantha is so beautifully stunning!! She is gorgeous :)

The pictures are great, styling, photography, make-up, and hair superb!!

Love & Aloha,


Renee said...

Samantha is so beautiful! I love the denim vest, however, living in Texas, it wouldn't be much of a statement piece since everyone here wears head to toe denim...and NOT in a good way. I'm rebelling.
She pulls it off nicely, though.
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. =)

thatsorad said...

Haute Bitch....you are an amazing photographer!!!! MOMMA! the entire layout is amazing! You are so taleted!! Rock on!

She looks amasing too. those glasses I am absolutely in love with!

Mila said...

Amazing style!

Jony said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Samantha has a great style such a beautiful girl!!

I need your help badly!! Could you please vote for my outfit here:

Click the link and and you can vote for me at the bottom of the page. Just enter your email address and the verification code! It just takes 2 seconds of your time and you can do me a big favor!!

Thanks a million times!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for commenting! love these pics - and THE RING! i want it! and i love your blog too - definitely following you from now on! xxx

Tariro said...

SHE LOOKS AMAZING! The styling is fantastic & she's gorgeous! & yes, you are a very big deal. lol

Leah said...

She is so gorgeous and I love the photography. Such awesome pics!

Anonymous said...

shes gorgeous! love the sunglasses.

Nomad_FH said...

Excelent pic

CLM said...

love your blog !
and this shoot, wow.
thanks for the comments !
Now following your blog.
xoxo - clm


snoblak said...

Love the photos and those Alexander Wang sunglasses are HAUTE ! I met Samantha once when I was still in Van. Very lovely.

Emilie said...

Amazing outfit! I love her style!

kam. said...

You know, she's a perfect model ;o
love this photo. She's so thin and cute (mm) And her facial features lovely too.

p.s. About europe - you should go. Because there're so different countries. I like Lithuania(because i was born here.) , but also i love Germany ( you must to visit Bayern fields, because it's different than the Berlin.

with love,

Children of the 90s said...

Love her look! I saved up for a denim vest like that for weeks in 5th grade, I think she still totally pulls it off. Her sunglasses look great, too!

Panda said...

Ohmygod, she is stunning. Such amazing outfit too, that denim vest is so hot :-)
Love your blog!
Panda xxx
Thank you for your comment too! It made me smile.

Leah said...

PS... I use a Canon 5D and a 50mm 1.4 lens.

Bohemian said...

Pretty girl & Great outfit!
Nice blog!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the distressed jean vest.

inkarlcerating said...

hod did u know about her? omg shes totaly haute hehe

i need a denim vest seiously.. i love this girl.. wow!

Ash said...

Samantha is such a classic beauty! Great shoot and styling! Love love love love love! Thanks for the blog link too! Lurves!


toxic disco boy said...

she looks amazing. the denim plus the fur... win!

Denise said...

you have the best blog.

thanks for dropping by mine, cos you just led me to you, made my day.

Samatha is so pretty. She looks surreal. I mean a fantastic beautiful goddess way. And you take the best photos.

does she have a blog?

I am Denise Katipunera

iam.mai said...

love the vivienne westwood ring!

please check out my blog. i'm a jewelry designer in nyc:


As pretty as possible for destiny. said...

I'm going to add you to my inspiring blogs on my blogroll. I hope that's okay :).

Anonymous said...

So hot! The hair, the lips, and the cheeks... hot!

Love the glasses. Definitely the best picture.

Anonymous said...

Where did you meet this girl? She looks incredible.
P.S. the glasses look amazing.

Keep up the good work !!

Daniel said...

Great style.

I saw this post the other day, and I can't stop thinking about it. Samantha, you are simply stunning.

I'm sorry if this is inappropriate... but I need to meet you.


fadetoblack said...

this is sick!!!
shes got great style dude!
love the DIY and Im also needing that armour ring dammit!!!!!!!!

Kiki said...

Wow. She's definitely haute. :)

-Kiki xo


ps. I gave you an award on my blog. ^^

Marcos Batuecas said...

lovely bitch :)
love your blog! I want to be one of your bitches too hehehe


gorgeousclara said...

thanks a lot!!!

you have an awesome blog going on here!!!

love samantha´s style!!!

Fashion Wh0re said...

Gosh..i'm Loving these Pics and Your Blog is AMAZING!!! i'm so following you and i've added you to my blog roll ;)

+++ Lilee said...

i'm absolutely dying for your blog! ++++ following! :)

Graham I. Haynes said...

ahhh... i love this blog.
i crack up every time i visit.
"haute bitch of the month"
yesss! haha

anyway, on to samantha...
the girl is obviously a one-of-a-kind.
loved her 2nd-to-last answer.

ediot said...

fantastic blog! thanks for stopping by mine! she looks amazing and the interview is really interesting. NEW follower-oh yes. xxx ediot

Jess said...

Love your blog!
blog some more! :-)
check out my blog;

Jess x

VaivaPamaiva said...

Her accessories are so amazing..

Ash said...

I miss you too... i really need to do a new post! Your blog is looking wonderful sir! I just haven't the time to take pics or surf the net lately... tonight I am hoping to find a few minutes to do an Etsy artist of the week post though since my plans were canceled. My fingers are crossed! We should collaborate one day. I think my thrifty style + your high fashion edge could do wonderful things together. Maybe later in the spring when my schedule starts to open a little bit??

The Haute Bitch said...

To answer the question, "how i know her" she's a close friend of mine! and daniel, this isn't lavalife. she already has a man. thanks for visiting! I love each and every single bitch of mine. And that means you!

Astérisque said...

wow, I love love love her outfit. this vest reminds me of my childhood in the 90th - but I love it!

allie said...

Sam looks fantastic.
Loving the rings.

Emily said...

Sam look absolutely gorgeous, and Michael you are such a good photographer! Beautiful! xx

Anouk said...

This girl has a look... it's captivating.

Love your blog, I will definitely come back.


Anonymous said...

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The Haute Bitch said...

how do i stop people from leaking my own content?

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