Spotted. Niki from A Haute Mess looking super cute and fresh faced with her haute entourage. How random is that? Two Vancouver bloggers on the same flight, staying at the same hotel, and on the same beach? I think I might have a stalker. Jk! Love you Niki. 



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What He's Wearing
Shirt: Digusting Hawaiian Print, Shorts: A Disgrace, Sandals: Barf

What I'm Wearing
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Shirt: Club Monaco, Tank: American Apparel, Shorts: DIY, Sandals: Havaianas

What NOT to wear on vacation. The Hawaiian shirt was bad enough, was it really necessary to top it off with matching shorts? At least he had the courtesy to stop me from puking by not wearing socks with sandals. Next to this disaster is ME! I like to keep my style effortless and comfortable when I'm on a tropical vacation. Little maintenance but still stylish.

I hope you guys enjoyed all my pics from my 8 day trip to Varadero/Havana. Next trip - VEGAS for my friends Stagette this coming June. 


sharonlei said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip.. :) Did you get a little tan? I love your vacay look... comfy, but still very stylish. :)


xx Love & Aloha

Pingu said...

Jealoooous!! ;) The pics are great. Want warm weather soooo bad!

Your look is very laid back, and your stylish hair is catching the eye.


Caleb Poling said...

The pastel houses are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

cool pics! looks like you've had a great time. i wonder , what type of camera do you use?


em.me.ma said...

haha your funny; but so true; he looks like he was stuck in a prison suit of hawaii haha.

like Your outfit ;)


Nicole Jarecz said...

just wow. beautiful!

Kristy said...

hahaha... love the "street style" photo of that guy. can't believe he's wearing matching hawaiian shirt and shorts (didn't even know they existed!)


The Style Revolution said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Diane said...

These pictures are amazing, I love them! And yes, that guy is a fashion disaster!!


TheFashionAve said...

WOW, what a paradise! :)
How long will you stay there??
Here in Germany it's so f** cold and raining all the time :(

Jersey and the Monkey said...

Get me on that beach RIGHT NOW!!
and take these horrific essays away from me!


kim said...

The Hawaiian shirt and shorts has left me speechless lol

The photos are gorgeous, love the one of the sleeping dog.

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

The Starving Stylist said...

Loving all the pictures babe! Sooo jealous of your fab trip while the rest of us were soaking in vancouver!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh please, please, please...next time take me with you - I need a vacation and this one looks like the vacation of a lifetime! So glad that you had a great time, darling!! :)

Nicole Jarecz said...

adding you to my blogroll as well :)

For The Fierce said...

ughhh, looks like you enjoyed your vacation, HATE YOUUUU. lol I need a vacation asap.

& wordd, that guy is nuts.... where the fuck did he find that horrid ensemble?!

Ash said...

I need more vacations... I need summer. This is where I start to cry like a baby comparing vacation time to the day I look forward to tomorrow... a full day of work, followed by 1 hour over time at work, followed by 20 minutes to eat, followed by 5 more hours of work, followed by 6 hours sleep. Repeat for two more days. You look great! Vacation style has to be effortless chic. Anything else looks over done! I can't wait for summer!

Alexandria said...

ok! YUCK to the guy in the tropical two-piece, do all middle-aged men pack the most obnoxious volmating shirts when vactioning on the beach? but on a brigther more pleasent note I like your outfitt. Lucky you, i'm in desperate need of tropical water ;)


ellinelle said...

..wonderful pictures of neverending sun and hot weather ...ehhh..who actually loves the cold? noone I guess..
socks in sandals made me laugh : )
there is few walking around; ))

anonymous girl said...

I am so jealous!! You got to go somewhere warm and to one of my dream destinations ;-) I hope you came back with a Haute Tan.

The Fancier said...

Amazing photos! Makes me want to go to Cuba all the sooner. Damn US embargos!

Glam Girl said...

OMG! I adore these photos!I hope I'll be there in the summer...Nice post!Congratulation for your blog: it's amazing!


Froso said...

I am so F**king jealous, paradise must look like that! You are a great photographer by the way. Kisses, I can't get enough of your style.

Draft of Vintage said...

Wow- those photos make me want to pack up my bag and head to Cuba (is it weird that I would always envision that trip with Marlon Brando circa Guys and Dolls?)

I feel like that man should be in a Chevy Chase movie. He loves himself, it's great. So glad you were able to share. yikes. You, whether in comparison to him or not, look very chic. Very nice vacation style.

hia said...

oh my god i love the photos. awesome :-))

Niki B. said...

hahaha total stalker. u know i be crazy like that.

your pics turned out so well, they are GORGEOUS. and i'm glad you went with the what not to wear on vacation pic, thats hilarious.

love you long time. xx

mel said...

love theses pics! fabbity blog:)


Sinner Diamond said...

I LOOOOVE your blog
I'll follow you
sinner diamond
you're welcome to visit my blog

Mery Elle said...

wow! amazing your pics ♥
i will follow.please also follow mine.

LF said...

Gorgeous pictures!
Hope you had fun ,and will have fun in Vegas!!


Aleisha-Rose said...

WOW! That place is AMAZZZZING!
You look so great in causal wear! The laid back style really suits you!



monica said...

amazing shots! now i neeed to go to cuba

Original Sophie said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours!

These pictures are amaaaazing, so jealous! Haha and I love your comments on that guys outfit, so true!!

Sophie x

JBriggs said...

grr jelous you have my coveted ray bans!

Liquor store said...

These pictures are amazing !


it smells like holidays here!! lovely pics