Burberry Prorsum


Dior Homme






Gianfranco Ferre

It actually proved to be surprisingly difficult to choose my Top 5 designers off the runways of Paris and Milan for fall menswear 2010/11. Burberry Prorsum and Gianfranco Ferre were at the top of my list, while the rest were close behind. I'm loving the detailed shoulders on the Burberry Prorsum model.

On the other hand, I was a little.. Okay, VERY disappointed disgusted with Vivienne Westwood and Versace. Why? First off, Versace's overall look this fall looks very familiar... Rad Hourani, anyone? Who knew 54 year old beef jerky had the ability to move, let alone knock-off another designers vision. 1 point me. -1 beef jerky a.k.a. Donatella. And lastly, Vivienne Westwoods fall collection. Do I even need to say anything? You know your career is plummeting when you pay the nearest hobo 5 bucks to walk down the runway to call it a "collection". Let' just say shopping carts have never looked so haute.




Vivienne Westwood


Chaos said...

Vivienne just gathered a bunch of ex-cons.. I must say that the reinvention of the orange jailsuits kinda amuses me.

Valentine Devlieghere said...

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Best of luck! ;)

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x Valentine

iam.mai said...

omggg whats going on with the shopping cart? we have so many of those in nyc...lol.


theTrendyDwarf said...

Some of these collections I have not seen. Others I have. Sometimes I wonder what is going in the designers head when they envision their collections! Some of these collections are just too out there and crazy for me. I really love your blog! Definitely my new favorite which I will be visiting every time you post!
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thatsorad said...

The far right jacket from Gevincy is my fav. and of course the shopping cart is total crazy cool. Love the reaction it gets!

For The Fierce said...

I love the Dior & Gianfranco collection, but the sandals for Givenchy make me wanna puke

Stephen Pham said...

My favourite has got to be the Burberry Prorsum shirt with the gold buttons on the shoulder. Im sure its a easy DIY as well!

-Stephen Pham

Anonymous said...

hellloooo haute bitch and your haute blog.
i love the style.


Ash said...

Vivienne Westwood is looking rather Derelict/Mugatu/Zoolander inspired... I love the rest though. I love Mens wear! Its always so sharp!


SilviaCouture said...

Found you through the starving stylist! Love your blog! Very interesting! Check my new blog out at silviacouture.blogspot.com!

Froso said...

I loved the Burberry collection! I am featuring you to my links too gorgeous, I intended to include some super stylish men blogs! Kiss!

Froso, from Style Nirvana

fadetoblack said...

so so hard to chooose!
oh well i will take them all...

oh we are talking about fashion ?...

The F Word Online said...

fierce photos. i had no clue vivienne westwood made a men's line.

ps. i would love for you to enter my giveaway :)


xx lue

Zanah said...

Great collection ! :) Mon Mode Blog

nicole said...

love your top 5 picks. can't go wrong with dior homme, the monochromatic palette with the clean lines are amazing. I also love the navy Givenchy suit; the colour is gorgeous.

thanks for all your lovely comments! xo


style, substance & sutton said...

ah, great picks. i drool over the lanvin collection. perfection.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ beef jerky comment.

MARSO said...

thank you for your comment.
your blog is fantastic too. i'm fan !

My Favourite Things said...

Love those Burberry looks!

Anonymous said...

lol ... shopping cart down the runway. nice.