I'd just like to start off thanking all my readers for their constant support and loyalty in the past few months I've had my blog. SO, you know what that means? One of you lucky BITCHES gets a brand new Hana Elite 1" Flat Iron with Ceramic Technology courtesy of Misikko! They offer a wide variety of professional hair products and thermal equipment such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers! This isn't your generic flat iron, it retails over $350 in most salons and it includes a 2 year warranty, adjustable heat from 140-450F, Iron mat, Pouch, and Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant.

Being a Hair Stylist in training, I understand a quality flat iron with Ceramic technology is essential to maintain my platinum blonde locks. I suggest using the thermal protectant before using any heat related styling devices to maintain shine, lustre, and protect the hair from any heat related damage. I mean, do you really think I wake up in the morning with a perfectly quaffed man bouffant, gorgeous curly locks, or sleek straight hair? Ha! I don't think so. Which is why It's important for you to invest in good products to maintain the health of your hair, great equipment (ie. flat irons, blow dryers) to give you the style you desire, and most importantly using the equipment and products properly. So from The Haute Bitch to you, here's your chance to win this FABULOUS prize!

The winner will be chosen randomly out of a hat. Seriously.

Yes, this contest is open to international readers. However, the voltage is different in North America so I don't think the flat iron would be of use to you!


To Qualify You Must:

  • Be a follower of The Haute Bitch on Google Follower, Twitter, and/or Bloglovin'
  • Be a follower of Misikko on Twitter.
  • Write your Name, City and Province/State you live in, and why you should win in the comment section of this post.

PS. Don't even TRY to cheat. I'll find out and beat yo ass. May the best BITCH win!


Ash said...

Yay! Giveaways are fun! I know I have been totally MIA lately. You know my name and what city/province I live in so I do not feel the need to type out all that info here. I should win because I have been following you since day ONE, I have been meaning to buy a new, great straightener for approximately 6 months now and I have jungle woman hair that needs to be tamed to avoid its naturally wild ways. Oh and I am the first to comment?

Brooke said...

I should win cos I have a jacket that matches your hat (that's the best reason I could come up with anyway)!

Is this open to international readers?


TheFashionAve said...

I make it short: Which girl or woman doesn't want a stylish and expensive straightener?!
So I want it, too! :)

I hope international readers can enter too?

Go on Haute Bitch! xoxo

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

This looks good! Definately agree with you on the importance of good quality products and techs for one's hair. But I'm not in Canada and I don't have twitter, so I'm not a participant, but just a commenter ;) Have a fabulous weekend

fongyukyuu said...

i follow the hautebitch and misikko on twitter (screen name fongyukyuu), i live in chicago, il, and i should win because i desperately need a flat iron--if there's one thing i care about the most is my hair--it doens't have to look like it belongs to the next beauty queen--i just want it to be at least manageable!! but it isn't. and i hope that the hana misikko flat iron will fix that.

e-mail: fongyukyuu[a]gmail.com

Anonymous said...

i'd love to enter,
but is it open to international readers?

Castor Pollux

maximilian said...

Macky Garcia, Surrey/ Vancouver, BC.

I should win cos i'm the haute bitche's home gürl fan, a lil fairy queen in the suburbs, and a hawt tranny fashin lover <3

Renee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renee said...

I should win because I am cursed to live in Texas where the humidity makes me look like Monica on that Friends episode where they go to the Bahamas...seriously, my cheap little Revlon flat iron isn't cutting it.
I would be SO happy and my hair would be fab!
I deleted my previous comment because I apparently can't follow directions very well!
McKinney, TX USA
(twitter name:ModusOpDesigns)

Michelle Huynh said...

Your posts are wicked amazing. I will cut to the chase: your sense of fashion makes me really wonder what on Earth have I've been wearing all these years. I have the worst case of hair frenzy in the morning especially since I've made the mistake of allowing my mother to perm my hair when I was younger (so now my hair can't stay in curls or stay straight, it's always wavy). This would really make my hair stay put.

I am currently following your Twitter as well as Misikko. (@Mahalmichelle)

Chaos said...

Good luck, bitches!

Evaaaa :) said...

Loving your blog & your new place btw!
I follow you on GFC with evil_eva12 & Misikko on twitter as well with @evajiang .
name: Eva
city: new york city, bitchezzz! ;)
state: NY
And I think i should win this because i have never owned a flat iron before.. yes, shocking isn't it? And plus my hair isn't naturally straight either, nor is it curly.. it's just inbetween and i hate that!

Irene said...

Just followed misikko :)

I've been stalking (albeit not following since I didn't know about bloglovin' back then) your blog since the very first post (courtesy of the StarvingStylist =)). I was really reallyyy impressed by your hair then, and I still am now haha. Maybe the misikko flat iron will transform my pin straight and volumeless Asian hair into something sleek like yours?? haha who am I kidding. Keep up the good work, more rep for us Canadians!

Irene (moneyfaery@hotmail.com)

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Hey! I love your blog! I kinda wish that you posted more often because I always get immense pleasure from reading it!

Corrine Janzen, Cranbrook, BC or Wolseley, SK. I think I should win because I need some serious motivation to get ready in the morning, and playing with something fun sounds like a damn good reason! Plus I'm always looking for new things to write about or review in my blog. And because I'm just plain awesome!


Crystal kwoncrystal@gmail.com said...

Vancouver, BC.

I should win because I have intensely bad hair (waves!) and hair straighteners are my life line in looking fab. And your blog is awesome ;)

justanothergirllivinginthecommodifiedworld said...

love your blog..u r hilarious!

Miss. V
Vancouver, BC
I should win because I'm da BIATCHHHIEST BIATCH you've ever meet, seriously. NOW announce me the winner!!!!!

..seriously, CHI is not good enough for me.


UnPolished.Art said...

I love Giveaways and I love your blog!!!!!

Chicago, IL.
I think I should win this flat-iron because it will be great for my hair!!!!

Anonymous said...

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