Sorry I've been THE SLOW BITCH with making new posts, I'm in the midst of becoming a home owner within the next 3 weeks! Anyhow, meet Mai, a New York based jewelry designer/blogger/Haute Bitch. Her line is called I AM JEWELRY and the designs are modern and minimal. She says, "the jewelry is worn by you and not the jewelry overpowering the wearer." She uses top notch materials; sterling silver, gold, and gold filled. Which is hard to find these days - I think we've all had countless rings and necklaces that turned our skin green. not HAUTE. I'm so thankful that Mai styled me in her two-fingered sterling silver ring and I've already had more compliments than paris hilton's va jay jay. Loves it. Check out her blog HERE and her Etsy store HERE.

Q&A With Mai

What inspires you to make/design jewelry?

I get inspiration from books and the people of New York. I'll be on the subway and I'll see something that intrigues me and I sketch it, and then I start developing from it. Architecture and buildings. I make things that I would wear, this makes it easier for me because I love each design I create.

How would you describe your jewelry line?

My jewelry line is unisex, simple, and unique. The jewelry is worn by you, and not the jewelry over powering the wear.

Most embarassing moment:

My most embarrassing moment has to be when I was at the beach back at home (I'm originally from Honolulu, Hawaii). It was a family oriented beach and I believe it must have been like a Sunday = family day. My boyfriend (currently my ex) and I were lying right next to the life guard stand. I was lying on my stomach and I undid the back of my bikini because I hate tan lines. I fell deep asleep and I woke up because I was sweating so much and I wanted to turn over. So I turn over and I lie there for at least 2-3 minutes and realized that I WAS COMPLETELY TOPLESS. I woke up, looked around and saw the super hot lifeguard laughing at me and the families around me tried not to make eye contact with me. I quickly woke up my boyfriend and he laughed so hard everyone started looking even MORE..and then we left.

What is your jewelry made of?

My line is mainly sterling silver, gold, or gold filled. Basically nickel-free. My mom has always had very sensitive skin, and I want to cater to those people. It is also much better quality jewelry and I like to promote quality over quantity. hah.

If you weren't living in NY, where would you be?

Recently I visited my friend in Seattle, and it was a good combination of Hawaii and New York. It was laid back, but still city-like. I would love to live there for a bit some day, not permanently.

Dream job?

My dream job would be to own a huge international jewelry line.

What do you think of my new ring? Want one? Click HERE.

Photo Credit of Mai: Mike Spears


Ash said...

Aw I miss you and your blog! And blogging in general... Ashleys Absent April. Congrats on becoming a home owner! Thats so exciting... Maybe one day soon you will see me back on my blog... I suck. Can't wait to see more from you!

toxic disco boy said...

that's a nice ring! ^^

TheFashionAve said...

Want that ring!
Is she Vietnamese?.. Her name is Vietnamese... :D


CaCaNito© said...

I <3 that Ring:)

Renee said...

great jewelry! I love the necklaces on her Etsy site!

Congratulations on the new home.
Be sure to post photos!

iam.mai said...

awwww <3 thanks for the post, haute-y <3


Handcrafted Jewelry said...

This one is really amazing,according to the dynamic fashion world.Good post.

For The Fierce said...

damn, I am loving that simple yet wearable ring, & the song <3

Neekoh said...

Suits you perfectly. And I like how it fits on your small fingers.

Live Love LA

nicole said...

that's ok, I've been the slow bitch too. sigh. but that ring looks great on you! i have yet to find a two-finger ring that fits my stupid little asian fingers, but here's to hoping! have a great weekend xo

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Siiiick!!! I love it. I've been obsessing over 2 finger rings as well. And about being the slow bitch... it happens to the best of us ;)

Caleb Poling said...

love the little note she left. clever interview questions too!

Anonymous said...

Just found a ring very similar to that yesterday, am totally in love with it . Thanks for the profile x

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love this ring, it's very stylishly understated. Also funny how we posted about rings almost at the same time :) Oh, I also really like her nail polish - such cool shade

inkarlcerating said...

yer friend is brilliant

yer super haute

inkarlcerating said...

yer friend is brilliant

yer super haute

LeXa said...

Love the ring..I want one too..So jealous..Congrats with ur new house..

anonymous girl said...

Great interview and that's a nice ring you have.

ALdO AKiRA said...

iT'S My FiRsT tiMe tO ViSiT uR bLoG..
aND i LOVE uR bLOG!!!

PLeASE ViSiT My bLoG haNdsoMe..


Anonymous said...

More nudes, fewer clothes please.

t said...

Great ring!


Anonymous said...

what's the name of this song? its amazeballs

jonathan said...

awesome ring... I where far to much jewelry for guy already though