D U A L from Alia Raza on Vimeo.

A long lost school mate of mine, Stacey Clark a self-made fashion designer residing in LA is under the limelight as she reveals her new designs for her line Odilon. This is her second collection for her line and I am loving it. I am dying for the rabbit fur leather jacket! STUNNING. She says it's a combination of "post-apocalyptic, a little bit of grunge, little bit of goth, nuclear explosions, hazard signs, that sort of feel." The look is minimalist and the colours are natural with a pop of blaze orange - hence the nuclear explosions. You might recognize some of her designs as Ke$ha is a close friend of hers and has been spotted wearing ODILON. I don't want to sound like a hallmark card but Stacey is living proof that with a vision and a dream, anything is possible.

Click HERE to check out her designs.

Keep it up Stacey! Loving everything you're doing. Now only if she did menswear :)

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Ash said...

Love it! Something about the erie simplicity is just right on the mark. I especially love the black one piece zippered jump suit, the sheer jackets, and the loose slighty baggy pieces. Very chic!

JBriggs said...

wow love the vintage looking fur vest! the colour is amazing especially with the orange underneath the fur

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

Going for sure check out her designs !



thatsorad said...

I can't tell if I am more obsessed with the creativity of the video or the clothing....I am speachless.....so humbled, small and unworthy.

How awesome for your friend! ! !!!

Emily Anna said...

Loved it all and especially those love those orange shoes. That is all.

iam.mai said...

hi haute.

check my new blogpost! some italian blog did a review on me :)

looks like you had a lot of fun your vaca<3


anonymous girl said...

Cool video. I wish your friend all the success !

Anonymous said...

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