Photo courtesy of Muse

These are the topless outtakes from Lindsay Lohan's photo shoot for Muse, and I'm trying to find out why they didn't make the cut. Maybe because she looks worse than Britney Spears in her shaved head phase. Or maybe her representatives didn't want Lindsay next to a toilet which represents her career and/or crack sniffing location. Anyhow, deep down I know you love her, even if she is shitting and missing the toilet by 5 feet.


Tariro said...

Thanks so much for the comment! & i think your theories are correct. But is there anything worse than Britney's head shaving incident? haha. Great blog! Cant wait to see more.

Ash said...

Ah the train wreck that is Lindsay Hoe-han... You made me feel so much better about myself just by posting these. Thanks friend!


Anonymous said...

lol @ the career/crack sniffing location

dolce.vita said...

theres a video for this too!!!

My Favourite Things said...

Ya, these photos don't do anything to helo her reckless/trashy image. I've actually always really liked her as an actress though!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

She has really gone downhill, hasn't she? I love to watch the trainwreck though...kind of like Amy Winehouse...I didn't want to look but I did. HA HA

Kiki said...

Oh, Lindsay. I miss your Mean Girls days...

-Kiki xo


fadetoblack said...


The Eternal Intern said...
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The Eternal Intern said...

Argh! Quelle hot mess! I must admit I do enjoy her wasted rants on Twitter though!

x Ophelia

THREE PETE said...

Did she get a boob job?
We love your bloggg!

x x x


monica w said...

she looks better not in full colour

inkarlcerating said...

woww.. this is soo haute indeed

lovin yer blog.. and shes totally my muse.. since day01 of her mean girls days, im hooked!

juno said...

she's a hot mess.


Chaos said...

She is just so tacky - and that photoshoot just makes it a fact. And the location is just so wrong in many ways. haha

Graham I. Haynes said...

"shitting and missing the toilet by 5 feet"


Yeah, I sort of do love to hate her, or hate to love her. I think we'll all be willing to give her another chance once she decides to make a decent movie.

In the meantime, great photo shoot. Seriously.

prashant said...

the train wreck that is Lindsay Hoe-han... You made me feel so much better about myself just by posting these. Thanks friend!

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Justine said...

Hot pictures ;) !

The Fancier said...

What fascinating Lohan photos. Why don't her tits look like that in real life?

Anonymous said...


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